Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Toddlers Toddlers..where are you?

ok, SO... my house is getting cleaned today, my ironing was finished, AND the bug man came!!!! I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD! I am ready to tackle anything that comes my way !!!

So what better time to do a CRAZY TODDLERS ONLY SALE!!!!!!

Tuesday May 6th , May 13th
Toddler Mini Sessions Ages 1 -4
Session Fee $50.00
First come first serve... email me: kmosura@bellsouth.net

I have some new things I have been wanting to use for this age group. These sessions will take place at the NEW studio on Viking Drive.

ps, Give Angie P credit for this special!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Miss Hamby!!!!!!!

She is a SPUNKY chick! My assistant (aka Addie) and I had a BALL with Sadie. Thank you SO much K for calling me. It was my joy to capture these and a BUNCH more!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Simply Sisters.....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Livi Loo and Victoria too...

I was truly taken back at how much Olivia has grown up just in a year or too.... I told Lauren today... I dont really SEE how fast MY kids are growing, but her kids.... wow. It blows me away. She assured me that my kids ARE growing up just as fast... I just have a blind eye to it. I think I will stay in denial for a few more years. Addie IS starting to wonder why she has had three six year old birthday cakes.... if it is up to me- they would ALL be six forever. Why do we HAVE to let them grow up?

Here are my sweet friends, Olivia and Victoria B.....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miller and Mitchell!! VIP Kids of the Day!!

So...do you REALLY think nephews get their portraits taken all the time????? I wish I could say I have the opportunity to do them more..but TODAY was a very special day. They had their OWN appointment and we decicated time JUST to them! It was great having time to really sit down with them and see their personalities come out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Avery and Addison P....What a PAIR!

I had a fabulous time with these two! Shayne.. you are doing an AMAZING job raising your kids!

Gavin M! Stole my Heart!!!!

Mr. Personality! HE ROCKED! I truly believe THIS kid could be President in the year...2040!!!

Look at all these....

puppies and dogs!!! www.petfinder.com Send me a picture if you find a new pet for your family!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mason....upside down? or right side up?

So hypothetically
If Boy M is upside down and MOM K is upside down with camera...then picture is technically right side up IF it is upside down? Right?

National Geographic -MOSURA style!

Pappap found it and my boys photographed it!!!! What an INCREDIBLE find!! The frog was STILL hopping around... it was NUTS!!

My Kids!

You all think we probably take pictures ALL the time... NO WAY! But i DID tell them last night...that I just needed ONE and then they could go wrestle, find roly polys, and strip down to white tshirts (the boys favorite!)
Left to right...Michael 6, Addie 8, and Baby Mas ( please do NOT bust my "mama" bubble...i don't care if he IS four..he will be baby Mas to me forever!! haha) 4

This time of year is crazy but great. With both boys in ball and Addie in soccer.... it is an exhausting fun adventure each day. There was a time when it was all i could do to survive one day with three toddlers under foot. Now that they are no longer under foot..but taking the world by storm...well the days pass too quickly. I am in my glory at thise stage though. My kids are fun, they are active, they are kind and thoughtful.... they are my joy! I am sure i will blink and i will be posting their senior portraits...but today i am going to bask in the sunshine of their today....


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sweet Caroline S....

Thanks to Albert and Amanda for working those schedules for a time that FINALLY worked! YOU BOTH were worth waiting for ( I hope I was too!)
Caroline is a doll and I know your family is ready for her to be closer to them. Good luck in Birmingham!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Anna, Abby, and Madeline! From Duberly.....

Sweet sweet girls! A BIG thanks to Pops for being our extra set of hands...we couldn't have done it without you !! Meet the new twins, Anna and Abby. Madeline is the fabulous big sister!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What is Ella Thinking......

So I flipping through the Joyce session looking for a winner to blog for Candy.... by the time I look through the whole session I was laughing OUT LOUD at all Ella's looks. Maybe I have had too much caffeine this morning... but all I can think about is "What could she REALLY be thinking..."

"Mrs. Kristin- it is SUPER cold. This is the BEST I can do under these circumstances.... teeth? you want to see my teeth? HERE!

Give Ethan a hug?? Sure thing! Before or after I put him in the choke hold ?

3. Check out my new trick! Wink Wink!

4. Ok, really, aren't we finished???This isnt all that fun anymore... it is draining the life out of me!

5. Mrs. Kristin, you are still here? Why are you watching my every move? Can't a girl get some privacy around here???
6. You want THIS tutu back?? HA! Thats a funny one. You will have to catch me to get it!
On a less silly note...as the above may not tickle your funny bone like it did mine... here are sweet Ella's eyes. She really captivated me with them. Thank you Ella for putting up with Mrs. Kristin. Ethan thanks for being such a great sport!

Handsome Jacob!!!

Ava's right hand man..... :)

The McDaniels Trio!

Jumping with excitement!! And here is a "normal" shot!

Home Run with the Walker Trio!

What an exciting morning we had!!! Presley, Jack and Riley were FABULOUS!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So.... WHY NOT? Celebrate YOU!

So, if you look at Christina's bridals with regret or remorse that your bridals were not so amazing... redo them! WHY NOT!?? Your bridal images should be all about you, your marriage, your journey from child to wife and possible mom.... these images could be the celebration of your LIFE!

Be the one to break the rules..
step OUT of the box, turn that box of rules and traditions over,
stand ON that box and scream to the world that YOU ROCK! and you CAN celebrate
who you are
who you are becoming
however YOU want.

A. Your dress still fits, you love your dress...all is good- GREAT! Break that dress out of its archival box and LIVE LIFE!

B. Your dress doesn't fit- big deal! We have all grown since "our day"... that is LIFE! (with the help of various mexican restaurants! haha) So you go to Davids Bridal and find an incredible dress for 99$! Or you go to the consignment store and find one..... it doesn't have to be THE dress for you to SHINE!!! Just go with it! LIFE IS GRAND! CELEBRATE IT!

Miss Christina.....

It was a joy to meet Christina, Candy, Kristen, and Lola today.... Christina is one of those people that just radiates love and happiness. I was honored to be chosen to capture her in her wedding gown....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ava Marie.....Diva!

So you have seen Miss Ava Marie from birth (yeah, literally ) till now. She is now 6 months old! It is just a joy in my day when I know I get to visit with this sweet heart!

Interruptions Welcome!

Brilliant as I am....haha... I invited Mason, my youngest, to come with me to the studio one morning and play "hookie" from preschool. In my MIND, I was thinking... he is so STINKIN cute. He is FOUR, so SURELY he can function independently while I photograph sweet Hudson. This is a GREAT idea... Mason and I will have such a WONDERFUL time sharing our morning together..... again, that is all what i was thinking...

Now , what went DOWN is a completely different story! My sweet Mas was quiet jealous of all the attention I was giving Hudson. Then he was a tad bit territorial over all the chairs and couches I was using with Hudson... bless his heart.... then , I attempted to get mason to HELP me get Hudson to smile....which worked like...oh- ONCE! So I finally just realized there are bigger worries than this. So I took a quick break and let mason be the STAR!

Oh, footnote- Mason DOES do his own hair each morning.... and yes, his personality fits this style to a TEE!