Thursday, May 22, 2008

OFF to the Beach!!!

I will return June 1st! Have a wonderful week everyone!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Noah and Mark Andrew!

These boys belong to the MOST AMAZING MOM I KNOW.. well besides ME :)

Stacie keeps me sane! She keeps me from failing as a Mom some days! She was room mom this year with Addie and Caeden. She knows my wonderful, wild, and chaotic life... and has my BACK!

Isn't it awesome how God sends people like Stacie... JUST when you need them?

Kids needed white gloves during Christmas... yep, Stacie sent a pair JUST for Addie.. JUST in case my Christmas rush had me boggled.

Vday... yep, Candy sent in for Addie ..JUST in case I ...uh..... well.. you know... forgot?? (shhhhhhhhhh!!! Good moms DON'T forget things!!!! right??? )

When I would run late on a session... Stacie would grab Mason from preschool and give him the FIRST CLASS Trant ride home....and feed that crazy kid lunch!

And then to finish it off.... during the CRAZY last few weeks of school... I received PERSONAL emails almost daily it seemed keeping me posted on Life in Mrs G's room and what was supposed to be sent to school the next day.

THANK YOU STACIE! I love your family, and I LOVE MY FRIEND STACIE! You are the BOMB! I am a better MOTHER because I know you!

Edited to say... just can't seem to let this go.I have more to say....
Stacie is amazing. The common denominator in all her wonderful gifts of love is that she is thoughtful and giving. She never wants credit for deeds or things. She just covers her friends in thoughtfulness and caring acts of kindness. I never asked for these things... but I NEEDED them , I just didn't always know it.

If I raise my three wonder kids to be ANYTHING... I pray , that Addie, Michael ,and Mason can be loving, kind, and thoughtful friends to others- like Stacie is to everyone she knows.
That they will do things and be protective of their friends - like Stacie is...
That my kids will empathize with the people they love and care enough about their lives and happiness and than DO something to help.... like Stacie does....

Stacie is one of those people.
A doer for others.
Not a performer of tasks for glory...
but someone out there..getting their hands dirty, loving others.

whew. glad i added that. THAT is the complete Kristin Mosura take on ol' Stacie T.....

Sweet Jessie

What a sweetie... I met her when she was just like DAYS old.... I love to see my 30x30 canvas of her at the studio everyday. She should NOT get to grow up right?

Well she is quite the two year old!
What a JOY she is to watch and follow her. Thank you Jackie for allowing me the awesome privildge of these portraits...

Arden S

WOW! AVA has some serious competition on the Most Beautiful Baby in the Smith home! Arden was incredible!

The Noles Duo!

Ok, so I just couldnt NOT post the Hiney Dance their Dad taught them. It brought them GREAT joy and giggles each time they did it. The sound of their laughter told me that at home... they do this too. And I bet it brings them joy there too. So when you look at this image... don't shake your head in bewilderment of WHY Kristin Mosura shared this image... instead-

hear the giggles...
listen for the love...
image a home where a Dad loves his girls SO much that he Stops the important things he is doing and teaches his daughters a crazy, silly hiney dance. THAT is living life for today!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Davis and Sam......

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bailey B!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Clint, Kristen, Samuel, Reed and Riley

Thank you all for a wonderful evening in Minden, Louisiana.......

ps...Fat Freddy the available for sessions.

Kristin Mosura

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Baby Day! May 15th!

Babies under one year old are welcome to come! Session fee is discounted to $50 for these sessions.

I have FOR THIS DAY ONLY, an antique highchair that is incredible. This high chair is fabulous and would accent Christening Gowns perfectly! I only have this antique piece for two days... and Friday is booked solid.

SO, email me if you want in on my Thursday, May 15th Baby Day!

A little foreground and background...

gotta LOVE siblings.
gotta LOVE life.....

gotta LOVE unplanned moments in time.....

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Man! This girl digs color , life, laughter, and LOVES being a photographers ONLY daughter! Watching her open my box of 30 new tutus and the box of babylegs.. was like watching a kid in a candy store!!!

If you need some tutus of your own... go see Tricia at Sprout and Company in Uptown Center on Line Avenue. While you are there... go to the back of the store and enter Tip Toe Couture! Michelle carries these CRAZY baby legs that all the kids, big AND small are going nuts over!

Tell them Kristin Mosura sent you!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

May Newsletter

Thursday, May 01, 2008

George Bush.. age 6....

This kid.. he could be president one day!!! This is an old picture I found while flipping through my computer... Michael, III is just like Michael , II.... LOVES to read about politics. This was Storybook Character Day at Stockwell Elementary. Only a Mosura would be George Bush rather than Harry Potter or Encyclopedia Brown....