Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Zachary's Smile

Meet Zachary, the sweetest boy I know... he captivated me and stole my heart the first time I photographed him. Zachary is Autistic and April is Autism Awareness Month. Zachary was fortunate to be diagnosed at an early age and because of that, he is making great strides in every area. The most IMPORTANT milestone in his recent days is sharing with ME his precious smile. His smiles are like gold. They are breathtaking and wonderful. I needed to share it with the world...

Autism, also called autistic disorder, is the result of a neurological disorder that typically appears in early childhood, usually before age 3. Autism prevents children and adolescents from interacting normally with other people and affects almost every aspect of social and psychological development. While children with autism share some common signs, autism is a disorder that affects each individual differently and varies in intensity from mild to severe.

Some Statisitcs:

  • 1 in 166 births
  • 1 to 1.5 million Americans
  • Fastest-growing developmental disability
  • Cost of lifelong care can be reduced by 2/3 with early diagnosis and intervention

For more information -

The Forever Letter

Monday, April 24, 2006

Blue Eyes...

How in the world does this sweet baby's mom EVER tell him no? Those eyes would melt me into mush!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Frame it!

Did you know that the BEST way to protect your portraits is to frame them as quickly as you can! My friend Jennifer Gatti is offering my clients a special Mothers Day Special on her ornate open back frames. Here are the three available for delivery by Mothers Day. These are available in several sizes... but I have prices for these:
2.5 x 3.5: $59.00 (holds a wallet print but is actually 8 inches thick!)
8x10 Frame: $89.00. ( Also just as ornate and thick.)
You can contact Jennifer directly by calling her at 742.1093.

The Smith Boys

These boys are special to me. I dont know them well at all, not even sure what grade they are in or what their hobbies are.... but these boys are special to ME because MY son is special to their mom. Kathy Smith is my Michael's preschool teacher at Greenfield. She is amazing! My heart melts when I see her encourage him and smile at his capers... knowing your child is loved when they are away from home.. well that is priceless. This has been an incredible year for Michael. He is happy and loving to go to school. Thank you Kathy! Your boys are precious too! I was honored to have the opportunity to create these images.

Gullatt Boys- WATCH OUT! You are next!!! :)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Look at Heaven and Just Dance

The Bamburg Family

About two weeks ago, I had the priviledge of photographing Lauren and Dennis Bamburg at their South Bossier Country Haven. The hour or two I spent with them was refreshing... it made me homesick.. for my own family. Their two girls, Victoria and Olivia, are All American Daddies Girls , but the spittin image of their sweet mama! Seeing them race down the road throwing dirt up with their heels towards their Daddy's car... well that is what we all want. Family.

The images from this session will speak for themselves, but one image in particular.... well it needs to be shared. I have tried for two weeks to post it , but I end up with chills and get a little choked up(that's just the way I am guys!). But tonight I am ready to tell the story.

Victoria and Olivia were taking some shots walking down the dirt road holding hands. When they came back to Lauren and I , I asked Victoria to step back in to the middle of the dusty road. Just about that same time, the sweet golden sun started to set behind her. I think she was ready to stand and smile and all the formally boring stuff you do with photographers...

but I asked her to just look up to heaven and dance.

Spin circles...

Well she did.

She raised her little girl arms, she closed her eyes, and the most amazing calmness came over me as I watch her.... this sweet child was doing exactly what I had asked.. she was looking at her heaven and dancing..... with complete joy.

I will forever treasure this image.

Maybe you just had to be there... maybe not...

but every time I look at this.. I am going to stop, look to Heaven and Dance.

Thank you Victoria

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mason's Girls...

It is tough being Mason!
He is surrounded by pretty girls on Tuesday and Thursdays when he plays at Mrs. Connie's...

Girlfriend number one: Josie Romero

Girlfriend number two: Emmalynn Burns

How will he ever choose? !

ps.. you can leave sweet comments about how beautiful these girls are right here.... I am certain their Moms would love it!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

All Boy! Shamburg Style!

I love these three boys! Conner, Paul, and Cole will make great bodyguards for little Margaret in a few years! Boys, thanks for letting Mrs. Kristin photograph you three are always a joy!


Dads! Get your wife a gift certificate for a STORYBOARD for Mother's Day! I will wrap the gift certificate and deliver it to you! Storyboards are $175.00. You can see some examples here She will be so excited! AND she will get to design the actual storyboard herself! Email me at to order your Mothers Day Present now!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

April 10, 2006

April 10th, 2006
I have been very busy with Spring Portraits. Thank you to all my sweet clients and your precious children.
Here are just a few of my favorites-

Moms and babies have a special bond. There is nothing as wonderful as being able to capture this for them... these type images make my heart melt.

These newborn sessions can be shot as soon as you come home from the hospital....

The Lokowich Family

It was pure joy geting to meet the Lokowich Family! It turned out that my Addie and Avery are friends at school. This image of Avery laughing makes me smile! I need to remember to catprue Addie laughing while she is still so innocent...


Send me the cutest laughing snapshot of your child! Cutest
picture will get published on the Mosura Blog!!

Chloe... she is beautiful!

Innonence... is little girls with pink flowers...

Chloe was a guest at Lori Machen's Party. There were fabulous children everyone! The Rickets Boys, Peyton, Dylan, Sweet Molly and all the Machen cousins... what a great day!


My sweet friend Christie Greer is now catering from her home. The stuffed pistolettes she made us last night were the most amazing things I have ever had! Now finally there is a way for me to not have to cook on Sunday... and not have to take three kids to a restaurant! Christy is going to make dinner for my family twice a week. I am so excited! Call her for Bunco suppers, Drug Rep lunches, salads, desserts, you name it! Christie is amazing! 741-9962


Monday, April 10, 2006

Little Isabel

Meet Isabel Fontenot! Isabel was a joy to photograph as was her sweet mom..... Posted by Picasa
These are my kids! Left to right: Michael, III (4), Addie (6), and Mason (2). For some reason, they just don't listen to the current photographer in their lives! Getting them to look and smile is JUST not going to happen! But I still think this shot is my favorite so far because they are just "Being"...... Posted by Picasa

Boy in a Basket!

Meet Lil Weisner! He was too cute this day! Posted by Picasa