Monday, June 26, 2006

Jumping Beans!

Well , at least one time in their childhood at least.. grab your camera.. and say those words. EVERYONE JUMP ON MAMA"S BED! The giggles and laughter will make your heart sparkle and your cheeks hurt from the smiling. These are my kids and I LOVE this image. It captures them , just like they are. I will always look at this image and be able to "hear" their joy. SO grab your camera.. pull open your window shades so you have lots of light... and let them jump!

This is the most precious little six year old ever.

Her eyes dance when she talks.
Her voice is sweet and her tune so angelic.
Her fingers are delicate, her nails half painted.
Her heart seems to be concerned with helping others... which brings me great joy.
Her laugh is DEEP and VIBRATES with happiness.
She is tender and sensitive to others.
When she is joyful.. you feel it in the room.
She radiates with her love for living.
She is everything I would ever want her to be. She is me and she is him. The best of us both.
She dances.. and twirls. .and when she does that.. she seems to just be
I hope she always knows how much I love every inch of her.
How I love every smile,every frown, every crooked wink, and funny laugh.
I hope I remember to tell her EVERY day .. that she is perfect in my eyes.
That her best is good enough.
That I am proud of who she is and the choices she makes.
I know she is only six. But yesterday it seemed she was turning five, and tomorrow she will probably turn 12... so if I dont remember to do this today... today may be gone.
So I am going to relish in today and who she is
I am going to be her
I am going to encourage her to listen to her heart.
I am going to push her to do her best.
I am going to love her with every inch of my heart and then more.
She is not only amazing as a little girl, but she is the perfect big sister for Mason and Michael, and she is the perfect daughter for me. I thank God for Addie every day. And I hope she always knows of HIS love her.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Stockwell Golf Tournament 2006

For all my local friends.. you may be in this! These are some of the pictures Addie and I took at the Stockwell Golf Tournment a few weeks ago. The tournament was a hit! I believe next years tournament will be used to fund a new scholarship for Stockwell Students! Isn't that great?

The Slideshow may take a few minutes to load. The music is "All Star" by Smashmouth.

10th Annual Stockwell Golf Tournament Picture Slideshow

Some Recent Favorites

The Tree Twins

Kaleb and Kyleigh Tree are too precious! I am certain their mom, Jenny, sleeps well at
night! Here are their storyboards. If you would like to see other storyboards, visit this link. Storyboard Information

Another Kylie!
This Kylie is going to Kindergarten next year. What a great age! They grow up much too fast once they start school. I just love Kylie's smile. It is contagious... I bet you are smiling just looking at her!

Mary Catherine

Isn't she a Doll! Mary Catherine will also be going to Kindergarten. My little Michael and MC will be at the same school... in the same grade.maybe the same class!!!!??.... Watch out Stockwell!!! Here they come!


I love this kid! His mom is a joy to be around too. Trenton has these eyes..... they have always been magic! Thank you Mom for letting me watch him grow.