Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sweet Sweet Ryan

My Little Girl...

my time passes.... just as wonderful as she was when she was one... just as magical as she was when she was two.. just as bubbly as she was when she was three... just as smart as she was when she was four... just as talented as she was when she was five.. and just as perfect to me as she was when she was six. But now she is seven......


I love every stinkin inch of this girl!

Chris and Rebecca

Congratulations to Chris and Rebecca! They are getting married next March 2008. We bopped around town having a great time for their engagements. Here is a sneak peek!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sweet Baby Girl Maggie

I am honored to be the one to capture these for the Wise family.... what a fabulous baby!


What a sack of wonderfulness! So small and so alert already.... I wonder why mom is making this face.... haha... GO CAMDEN GO! That is what little boys do best!
Here are more of my favorites from their session.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A view from San Francisco....

while Mike attended a conference in San Francisco
The Golden Gate Bridge

My Favorite Image From THE ROCK, Alcatraz... soon the be the Mosura Household Motto!

Another From Alcatraz

Muir Woods.....

17 Mile Drive

Pebble Beach

The Lonely Tree

And my favorite... Michael and Chad on the 18th Green of Pebble Beach

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Gift

did you stop and remember....
that beyond all the irresistable reeses peanut butter eggs,
beyond all the pink, purple and yellow jelly beans,
and beyond all the dye colored little toddler fingers ....

that beyond all that hoopla we now call Easter...

was a gift.

just a simple
no questions asked

a gift that came from the heart
a heart that loved enough to sacrifice
a heart that loved enough to give away a child.......
a heart that loved enough to endure all the pain for us....

no questions asked.

I dont deserve this gift.
And for once this year, on Sunday morning... my kids didnt hunt easter eggs before church.
(moms are dropping like flies all over town over this shocking news :)

EVEN though I had been raised to really count on those eggs being hid by that bunny.....
even though the "Perfect Mom" somewhere in me said.. all good moms make sure the Easter Bunny hides eggs Easter morning.

This year, I just had had enough.
Every where we turned... someone was hiding eggs for them. At school , at church, at family dinners... all over town.. everywhere you turn.. there was an egg hunt.

Well.. guess what. My kids didnt even notice that the bunny didnt hide eggs. Instead, I completely whole heartedly enjoyed a 5 minute talk we shared over toast with "lutter"(mason talk :)
I enjoyed watching my babies tell me about THE GIFT that changed my life and one day thiers. That five minutes of quiet munching and chatting about the REAL meaning of the Resurrection and Easter was the sweetest five minutes I have had in a while.

The GIFT!! THAT IS what THIS is all about! The gift we will never earn.... the gift we don't deserve.....
Instead of running around my dew soaked yard looking for more plastic eggs with chocolate candy.....we talked about what Easter meant to us and our lives and our journey.

They told ME the story of the Resurrection....

A Real Life Gift... of life.

Ruths Gift....

As I reflected on this past Easter weekend and I thought about my past whirlwind of spring sessions.. one session just wont leave my mind.

Daryn and Ruth

It was strangely perfect how Daryn and Easter fit hand in hand.

Someone somewhere gave Daryn to Ruth.
Ruth, a woman of truth and prayer.
A women that prayed for a child to love.
A woman that knew that she needed to love a child- to share her overflowing happiness and bubbling love of life...
A woman humbled of a gift this precious.

I cant imagine.

I watched Ruth as she watched Daryn and I watched Daryn look up at her mother Ruth.
and for a split second.

Life seemed fair and wonderful!

That someone somewhere loved this baby enough to give her
to give her to Ruth...

and wonderful.

"You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. "- Gibran