Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mona's Dear Kristin

YOU were awesome!!!! My kids had so much fun ... you made taking pictures enjoyable for them. I can't wait to see your photos...I got a glimpse from your blog...which you know I LOVE to read! What FUN to see MY little rugrats!

Mona Duncan

I had a blast with you guys too! All joking aside, your kids are fabulous! Spirited, happy, AND easy to work with! LOVED IT!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Now in the Kenmore.

The upright that is. Slowing losing body temp and becoming Michael's grandmothers next specimen.
Yep. A spider. Caught by my BEST bug catcher yet. All six years of life experience have prepared him for his greatest challenge yet. The BIG OL SPIDER. (his new nickname). Swooped into the beach net, tied into a bag, and straight to the freezer....

but of course, we had to document him first :)

The Duncans...

Hey Trevor.... you and your sister ROCKED! You were so well behaved, and so quick to listen. Please tell Taylor she was picture perfect! And thank you BOTH for being so kind to each other for those 42 minutes. (ps trevor... add them up... 5 compliments.... :)

Monday, August 27, 2007


all these words are swarming, probably will not come out right, but i just cant seem to let this one go. Sometime a moment captures me so... and i think about it over and over and over..... this is one of those.

What is a legacy? I think we have been taught that it is what we leave for those living after we die. Our legacy, our lasting image, our forever memory....

what legacy do i create for myself, FOR my kids? We need to be creating a legacy of LOVE for them.

I need to document the happy of everything they have and see and love. I need to capture their JOY and their innocence before the world ruins their optimism and purity. I need to preserve for them, the childhood i want them to remember. IT will be a part of who they THINK they are. And if you THINK you a
re someone that can DO anything, you CAN do anything. You can SOAR and FLY and CREATE and BE and DANCE and SMILE and LOVE and LAUGH.... if you think you have every right to be HAPPY, then you can and will be and life will be FULL of wonder and fabulous smiles and memories will be sweet....

this image made me think of Sweet baby Robert.
ONE day, Baby Robert will be older himself, and yes, one day he may not have his father here on earth with him. But what he WILL have, is images like this that SHOW him that his father loved him even as a small baby with the purest, strongest, UNCONDITIONAL love that exists on earth. He will study images like this over and over, remembering smells, and textures of skin, and the sound of his voice. He will run his fingers over this image almost FEELING him there with him..He will SEE how his daddy smushed his face up against his to give HIM the best of all his kisses.... how his daddy is COMPLETELY immersed in HIM.... that HE was worthy of that love, and that HIS daddy knew he was something special.

So, what legacy of love am i documenting for mine.
Will they be certain of my complete belief in who they are and what they can do?
ill Michael KNOW without a doubt his Mama breathed each moment with such a heavy love and adoration for him?
Will Addie believe that I thought she was cooler than sliced bread and talented and SMART and will she know that i KNEW she would be a fabulous mom to some fabulous kids and a fabulous wife to a fabulous man... will she KNOW i KNEW she can do those things.......
and will Mason (if i survive him being three....) will mason know that he lights up my life with surprises each day and that he will be the one to seek out new challenges and he WILL succeed at his goals? DO my boys KNOW i know they will be great daddies and that they are CAPABLE of loving the way i love them.
Am i leaving PROOF of all this?
What will they hold in their HANDS
as they ponder
and have bad days?
they will have this.
My notes to them.
their proof.....

and Robert will have this.. this image of him and his dad.

These are legacies of love in my book. These are far more important that any trust fund or inheritance will ever be.
These are not things for sale, or things that can be borrowed.
These are legacies of love. From the heart.

What is your legacy of love.....

Mr Urland, the fourth

Loved seeing miss Kimberly again... and she brought both Roberts! I will post more later... off to a session with the Duncans!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shotguns ready....

if you think her Daddy isn't preparing for the years ahead... you are dead wrong. Our Addie is a delight and a joy and the sunshine in our life. You have to hear her laugh.... oh i love it. And the way she sings into her mirror with her door shut, and of course she sings in the shower.... what a delight... my sweet addison....

Like mama like son...

did he get her dark hair? nope
did he get her dark skin? nope
curly hair? nope....

but he's a lefty , loves to smile, and he has my nose.
What more could a Mama want?

photo taken by my sweet Michael Mosura, III

the things we will forget...

the smile. i will never forget,
the eyelashes, i will never forget
the chubby cheeks and the deep horse laugh.. i will never forgot.

but the way his fingers wrap around the chain to the swing.

Never thought about it,
but one day,
he wont want to swing for joy anymore.
one day he will be too tall
or too mature
or just have too many others things to do than swing and squeal
as he soars to California on his pretend spaceship..
aka- the swing.

So i am tucking this one away to remember his hands.
Any other memories that play tag along with that one.. is just a bonus.

remember the little things. dust off your camera. and use it.
tomorrow never comes.. all you get it a lot of todays....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

!Nena dulce!

Sweet baby girl Isabella! I had the privilege of meeting her one year ago when she was just two weeks old.....I was super thrilled to be invited back for her one year portraits. What an honor to document these stages for the Hamilton family....
And of course it was a treat to meet Mrs Shirley :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Thomas the TERRIFIC!

Thomas out performed us ALL. He was fabulous today and his Mom, Haley and grandmother were just wonderful. I loved spending time with all three.... here are just a few ...

and if you think Thomas is as amazing as I do... wait till you meet Isabella Hamilton tomorrow- WOW!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Up from the bed i bounce with a scare

forgot to blog for that little double dare.

but here i am , you didn't catch me tonight

but come back tomorrow, for one day i might!

A favorite from my own three...
you probably have seen it before
just a reminder to open your eyes and SEE
life now before when they are kids no more.

(ok, i am headed to bed, not such a poet when tired.)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kendall and Fordham... one year later..

My regular readers will remember these two from the famous Tea Party invite last year on October 5, 2006.

Here they are again.... MAGNIFICENT kiddos with really COOL parents...who let us jam to CAKE on the ipod... Thanks Guys! Hope you had a tiny bit of fun in that heat.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sweet Caroline....

Sweet Caroline is at the beach, enjoying the ocean air... WONDERING WHY I DIDNT BLOG HER YESTERDAY! She is gorgeous - I loved getting to spend time with Caroline and her mom!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Things that make you go hum..........

Little Miller.... from yesterday

Another Maternity...

Babies will be everywhere soon! This is Melissa... in her home. Look for Melissa's complete session in a few weeks.Shooting your maternity session in your home allows for more personal moments and more wardrobe changes...Your home doesn't have to be Trump Castle either. Most shots are closely zoomed on couches, in the nursery,against windows, etc...


apparently I fell asleep last night and never blogged......Congrats to Susan Gatti who noticed at 12:05.

Dare you to catch me again. I am even MORE determined now!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kristi's Dear Kristin

Dear Kristin,
I know the pictures are going to be beautiful!!! We have seen the one on the blog page and we are so anxious to see more of them!! It was great to meet you!! -Kristi M

OK, you buttered me up... here is another... :)

Lil McKayla

Dad .. have some faith. I promise I captured her sparkle. Lil McKayla (sp) was amazing.. and I am so thankful it worked out that I was able to meet her...

more to come later tonight..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Expecting Miracles.....

I had the most INCREDIBLE With Child session this afternoon.... amazing! Thank you to my sweet model and thank you to Tricia Agent at Sprout & Co. Sprout is a new store in the Uptown Center on Line Avenue. Go see Tricia this week and let her know I sent you there. Her store is jam packed with things I have NEVER seen here in Shreveport- Bossier.... unique items for the expecting mom and children.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sweet Bedwells....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Reed and Addi Grace

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fall Sessions

If you want a session with me prior to January 2008... you really need to set it up now. My christmas season is officially here..... please don't procrastinate.. It would break my heart to have to turn away ANY of my sweet, wonderful clients.
You can contact me at

Ann's Dear Kristin

Dear Kristin,
I love my urban rockstar princess!!!!! that picture on the steps was amazing! And I love the pink fur princess shot! And shes one of the pictures on your website! I am so excited! -YOU rock! ...I can't wait to see them all ! Thank you again sooooo much!

Ann, with a "Dear Kristin" like that- I have NO choice but to post another! Here you go!

Mandi's "Dear Kristin"

We just returned from Mexico tonight and I wanted to let you know I LOVED the pictures. You have a gift! I'm sure you get this all the time but I cried watching the slide show!! I'm excited about them!!
Mandi Rainey

Mandi, I SO enjoyed your boys. They were so full of life and sparkles, I didn't want to leave!

Pink Fur Princess

Monday, August 13, 2007

Landree.....the Urban Rockstar Beauty Queen...

I just dont think it really matters where you photograph Miss Landree.. she is going to be Fabulous ANYWHERE!