Saturday, July 29, 2006

The McDaniels

What a unique family! Their bond is tight and snug and comfortable and fun and happy and loving.. but withthe awesome sense of FREEDOM. These kids were so self confident and secure. They were truly HAPPY! And they LIKED each other. And they LOVED their parents. And they ENJOYED being with each other....... what a refreshing morning.. thank you Lisa and Donnie for allowing me this priveledge. You have done an amazing job as parents!

I saw these three fabulous kids and I watched them interact with each other and their parents, and I was INSPIRED! To love mine like there is no tomorrow, to smile with them in every conversatation, to encourage them to soar to heights they cant imagine, to poke and kid and laugh.... but the most important thing I learned today is to let them be themselves .... give them freedom. To loosen the reins of what I WANT them to be and to just let them be.

So Addie, tomorrow, sing and dance and bang in the piano with your microphone. I will introduce you as many times as you want to perform for me.

Michael, just be you. That is all I need! Tell me your jokes, make me laugh, be silly silly silly... because maybe silly IS handsome.... (Jim Carey seems to be doing just fine).. and besides the world needs more laugher anyway!

And Mason, sweet Mason... go ahead ..... and tear the house apart. Make your messes, play in the Desitin cream, flood the bathroom, and taste every color popsicle the freezer has in it. Squirt out all the shampoo and toothpaste, unroll every roll of toilet paper.... and tell me the same knock knock joke over and over... you can even stay up late.

You have the rest of your lives to be grown ups and act right. Tomorrow lets just be 6, 5 and 2. Tomorrow - act your age. I promise to not say a word!

Because I have this weird feeling that I will blink and you three will be the McDaniels three.. all grown up ready to face the world....

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bamburg Girls

Some of you may have read "The Letter"a few weeks ago on this blog. That was written for Victoria and Olivia Bamburg. Here are those two sisters again. I get great joy from looking at their images.....

Friday, July 21, 2006

Silver Bangle....

The Tree Twins stop time on this silver bracelet....
Jewelry may take up to 6 weeks... so plan ahead!
I am currently booking Christmas sessions now.

Me, You and You

It's me, you and you forever.
No matter the day or time.
Me, you and you will be there side by side.
When you are sick,
when you are sad,
when you are hurt,
when you are mad.
dont sweat it, 'cause you know what brother???

It's me, you and you.


Alex, Jacob , and Cayden Acurio

Friday, July 14, 2006


"Laughter is a smile that BURSTS! ~Mary H. Waldrip

Is there ANYTHING as wonderful as watching a mother REVEL in delight of her sweet son. Zachary's joy may not always be outwardly evident, but here... here in the middle of the lake... surrounding by friends ...

his smile burst.

And it was contagious.
It was healing.
It was revitalizing.
It was awesome.
It was God Sent.

and God knew this was part of his timing, his plan for the Mainieros.. because he placed me there.. just in time to click my shutter and capture it.

Thank you God for using me. Thank you God for the Mainieros. Thank for for allowing me the priviledge to love Zachary.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Baby in a Bonnet

Isn't Miss Cockrell lovely? Her little face was perfect in this bonnet!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lovely Lakelin

It was a blessing meeting Lakelin George recently.

Words can't describe how this family looked at each other and how they held each other. Words can't describe the depth of life in this little girl's heart.

She IS a gift from God.
She is the light of their life and the joy of their world.
She will dance,
She will sing,
She will skip and twirl and laugh and smile.

She is protected by her angel,
She is never alone, but always surrounded with glorious, beautiful, amazing love from above.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Anticipation of your First Born....

Is there anything else like the feeling?

Not sure what is happening.
When it will happen?
What it will it all be like?
and the real question: will it be a boy or a girl...
and what will we name Little Elba or John Jr?

This little one will be here in about four weeks... and I think this baby will be perfect!

I know God will be keeping watch over Elba and her new baby during their delivery. See you soon little Hamilton!

Check back in a few week for a peek at their baby's first portrait session!

Family and friends - Do you think this is a girl or boy? Leave your comments here!

The Snider Family

I could not have asked for nicer weather last week for our outdoor session with the Snider Family. Centenary was fabulous as always and the cool breeze was wonderful! Little Miss Snider was a HOOT. Watching her with her Mom and Dad reminded me of when we only had our Addie....

Enjoy her AND everything she is at this age. She will change SO fast and grow too quick. I am honored to have captured her spark for you. You guys have a beautiful family! (and an AWESOME Nanna! )

Lil' Ella Joyce

I remembered photographing her older brother, Ethan, last year at the White Barn. It was a JOY to meet his little sister Ella today. She was a trooper! Thank you Mom and Dad for allowing me this priviledge!

Life is a Party with the Parrington Family

What a pleasure to meet a family as fun as my own! I felt right at home with this crew. Here are just a few favorites from today.

P.S.: I am secretly glad I am not the ONLY one with a little girl so beautiful that she looks 18 and is really only 5. Anna kept me on my toes and I LOVED it! It is a good thing she has FOUR brothers to watch over her as she grows up.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Boys

This is what brothers are.
Soul mates in the tree house.
Bunk bed sharers.
Lego building partners.
Westliing Duo.
A giggling pair.
Spitting tooters.
Tickling chasers.
Midnight snugglers.

Brothers are forever.
A secret bond.
They are a part of each other.. inseparable.
Brothers share everything..eventually.

I think being a brother must be better than even being a super hero.

These are the brothers God loaned me. They are amazing. PERFECT. They are different but the same. One is a quick thinker and analytical. The other is strong and big. They have the same laugh and the same tears. They love their Mama... which I love, love, love.... but one day I know they will love someone else... so I am going to soak this up now.

I want to adore them for who they are each day. Yes, oh yes, they wear me out. Their busyness and their antics... but one day .. their Mama.. won't be the center of their world... so I will close my eyes today.. in all this boy created chaos... and pretend all is quiet, and just breath it in . And I promise to be smiling.

I will breath in their boyhood smell,
their smiles,
their sweaty heads,
I will count their freckles,
I will record their deep chuckle.
I will play superhero, and build magic tents.
I will pretend I dont see them in the laundry basket...
I will give them popsicles till their unbrushed teeth are green.
I will buy as many superman bandaids as they want.

and yes... I will even measure who spits the furthest and burps the loudest.

I will treasure this age... while it ages me! I want them to know they are amazing boys. I am glad they get to see how to be amazing men and fathers. I love watching them open the door for their sister, and I love watching them mimic their Dad.

I am praying for their safety for today, tomorrow, and always.
Yep, I am praying for their teachers too.
These two will be memorable for sure!

but I wouldnt have it any other way.

These are my boys.. Michael and Mason.
I wouldn't trade for all the riches in the world.