Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Leaumonts! From Alexandria!

SO..... if I were to give an award for most BLOG loyal, and most ENCOURAGING, and for most KIND on yucky days... the" Kristin Mosura Photography Loves You" Award would have to go to Rebecca Leaumont. Some days I open my email and BAM...she hits me with a kind thought. Some days when I post one of my rambling winding nonsense things... BAM, RL zaps me with her "Amen sister!" And just when I get a tad weary of little things... there she is again..... sending me a pick me up.

What a treat to have the opportunity to see Addyson again. AND believe it or NOT--- hubby resisted the deer camp, fishing boat, and duck hunts and came in tow with his lovely ladies!

Having met the "girls" for a shoot almost 2 years ago.... it was completely amazing to have the opportunity to put the family piece of the puzzle completely together. Even though I think their first session was fabulous and that it documented the love R has for A completely... seeing Rebecca with her husband, the father of her child, the love of her life. Her pillar, her joy, her rock, her baby girl's Daddy.... well that was great! It was like seeing the whole picture! and To see Addyson IN LIFE with her Dad.. playing the games they ALWAYS play, smiling the smile she ONLY gives to him, laughing the laugh that little princesses do when their Daddy is chasing them in circles... that was God sent. God made this family and He is evident in their lives. He just borrowed me for the moment to make sure someone was there to snap the shutter....

Sorry to ramble, but Rebecca's encouraging words to me have impacted my journey in this career... and I wanted to be sure that she knew that her session , to me, was one that I didn't take for granted. I appreciate the person she is, and the encouragement she has chosen to be to me....

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