Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dear Kristin... (DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN??? Read the post below!)

Dear Kristin,

I am wiping the tears and yelling, "Jeff, Jeff, our proofs are here!", as I open your email.

You are a magician. You have the magic gift to make time stand still. So often I find myself saying, I wish I could just freeze frame this moment.. make time stand still in this exact second..only so I can feel the unconditional love and deep contentment and happiness for just a second longer...feel the blessings rain down. You capture the blessings so vividly that I am literally transported back to that day..that moment to remember how the grass and pinecones felt under my feet, how Addy smelled and how gentle her butterfly kisses were, the strength I felt when I leaned against Jeff's chest. Sometimes during our day in, day out, mundane routines, I forget how extraordinary and rich our life is. I will cherish this day and these portraits forever. Thanks for working your magic with us!!!

So Sincerely,

Rebecca Leaumont

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